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Nina Ross

Chief Stylist and Show Creator

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A Grambling Alumni  and mother of two born in Derider, Louisiana and raised in Baton Rouge, Nina Ross is a seasoned fashion stylist who has emerged as an inspiring, spirituous voice that deserves to be recognized. Her brand makes a bold statement of self-expression through style, color and confidence regardless of ethnicity, height, weight or ability, which defies the limitations of beauty standards worldwide.

The inaugural Power of Women Fashion Show in 2021 tested her patience and perseverance as she pushed through everything that could possibly stifle or delay a high-level event. Nina did not let it get the best of her and not once did she consider giving up.

In 2022, Nina's team is a true golden circle of support filled with contributions from sponsors and entrepreneurs that believe in everything she's accomplished this far and continue to push her and her brand to new heights.


The Power of Women Fashion Show, Vol. 2 is a much bigger, stronger testament to her mission for all women: Be Encouraged, Follow Your Dreams and Celebrate Your Success!

         Meet Nina's Team      |     Meet The Show Sponsors



Assistant Creative Director and Stylist


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Tronecia brings strength, vision and style to the Nina Ross team. 

This keeps Nina clear, organized and on point , which is very much needed during a fast-paced, high visibility event.

Her creative guidance and keen eye for fashion looks that are stunning both in photos and on the runway can be seen in her own social media content and throughout the footage from The Inaugural Power of Women Fashion Show in 2021.

Nina's Team



Owner, Event Stylist/Planner

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Svonnie does events like no other. Through BOV Designs, she delivers key elements like set design, extravagant entrances, and strategic seating arrangements which, along with so much more, all lend to the ultimate success of The Power of Women Fashion Show.

For POW Vol. 2, Svonnie is back with even more stunning creations set to transform the venue into yet another unforgettable show!



IMURJ Public Relations, Inc.

Media Specialist and  Brand Coordinator

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People grow by their experiences and love to share with others when they have a great time. Miss Andi's job is to make sure everyone who sees and interacts with The Power of Women Fashion Show has an experience they will gladly remember and be excited to share with others. 

Building on her work with Volume I, Andi is excited to take the show elements to the next level for Volume II.  She is responsible for the show website, the online ticket buying experience, email list building, digital ads, social media and overall brand strategy.


Stitch Camera God

Captivating Images, LLC

Owner, Celebrity Videographer

Charged with capturing every moment before, during and behind the scenes of The Power of Women Fashion Show, Camera God makes it look easy, flawless and...captivating!

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Screenshot 2022-06-01 231229.png

Mr. Stop Playnn


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder when Mr. Stop Playnn is behind the camera.

While the rest of Nina's team will be setting the backdrop for an amazing fashion show, Mr. Stop Playnn will be there to bring the photo finish to a night under the stars.

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Your Beauty.


Let Yourself Be Flawed.


You Have
The Power!

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