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Ingrid Roberson

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Miss Full Figured LA USA 2019
Miss Full Figured USA 2020
London's Fashion Boutique
Acadiana Fashion Week Runway
Crusade of Curves Runway
Curvy Fashion Week Runway (During New York Fashion Week)

Helloooooooo everyone!!! I am the Plus Size Brand Ambassador for The Power of Women Fashion Show. 


Along with being  the mother of 3 beautiful kids 19, 15, and 10, I am also a caterer and a member of different organizations in the Baton Rouge community. What inspires me the most are my babies, of course... To see them successfully using the blueprint of life that I’ve mapped out for them (and actually succeeding!) inspires me to keep going  while reassuring me that as their mother, I’m doing a great job.  I am also inspired by seeing young men and women achieving their goals in life. I am someone who didn’t have access to the tools and resources that are available today, so to see young people use them wisely puts a big smile on my face!


One thing that I want people to remember me for is not giving up. I am the oldest of the Power of Women crew, even the director herself….LOL!  And getting where I am now wasn’t easy but I had to stay motived and be encouraged; I couldn’t give up. This isn’t about me, this isn’t for me. I keep doing what I do for the women who feel ashamed of their bodies after reaching a certain age,  regardless of being a size 6 or a size 16. We all suffer with something that we don’t like about our bodies, but I’m here to let them know that they are still beautiful. And just because we are 'seasoned', doesn’t mean we don’t have it!!!


Being a part of The Power of Women Fashion Show series has opened so many doors for me already and there so much more to come. I am truly blessed. There’s nothing else I could ask for or want, because I feel everything that I have now and coming up, is all a part of being casted for the show. This opportunity is something that many models would kill for but I was selected, and that’s enough in itself.


Nina Ross saw something in ME….THEE Nina Ross saw something in ME!!!! I mean, what else can I say! I’m a Brand Ambassador for life, I’m not going anywhere!!! AUNTY is here to stay!!!!! She’s rocking, I’m rolling!!!

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