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Daraneshia "Nu" Williams

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Aspiring Content Creator
Designer Brand & Swim Wear Line
Future Podcast Creator

Hey y’all! I may have a big name, but everybody & they momma call me NU!  I encourage others daily by speaking on current events, motivating young black girls, and giving as much advice as I can! I want to be remembered as a motivator that’s what I do in my life now and all my peers love me for that. I inspire them without trying & that’s my only motivation in life. I really want all girls that came from nothing to know YOU CAN BECOME SOMETHING IN LIFE!


I've been modeling since 2016 and now that The Power of Women Fashion Show has opened so many doors for me, I'm choosing to take it more seriously. Being a part of POW teaches me how to become a real boss & what it takes to be A TEAM. I went in to the first Power of Women show (2021) with social anxiety and without any practice.  One of the other girls said 'Just have confidence & GO!' and I killed it. That moment gave me so much confidence and courage; I'll never forget how she helped me!


That’s why I love my POW sisters: They are here for each one of us & there's no competition between us when we're out there... WE A TEAM!💕👑

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