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(a Covid-19 Friendly Event)

MAY 28  7PM

shaw center

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Baton Rouge, Louisiana


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In the hectic movement of our everyday lives, we don’t often reflect on the diverse people we have around us. As we recover from the tragic events caused by the pandemic of the past year, it’s important for everyone to appreciate other ethnicities as well as their perspectives and this event is one way to accomplish that.

The Power of Women Fashion Show will be an elegant celebration of diversity among women in business presented through fashion, beauty, culture and talent that includes fine dining, live entertainment, runway modeling and an opportunity to shop with a variety of vendors.

Diversity means revealing and sharing the best of who we truly are, not only in business, but in ethnicity, intelligence and a common humanity. Our mission is to celebrate the wonderful differences among women that shine a light on our unique cultures, values, creative talent along with all that represents the best this life has to offer!

Mission Statement

Shaw Center For The Arts

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100 Lafayette Street
Baton Rouge, LA 70801


(a Covid-19 Friendly Venue)

The Power of Women Fashion Show will be held at The Shaw Center For The Arts on the River Terrace, an outdoor space Mississippi River and Downtown Baton Rouge. The show is a Covid-19 friendly event that will be held rain or shine. The terrace will be tented in the case of inclement weather.  Sanitizing stations will be available throughout the evening along with any other protocols mandated at the time of the event. If it is determined that the venue cannot be accessed due to Covid-19 mandates, the event will continue virtually, whereby the show will be 100% live streamed for attendees with sponsored content interspersed between set changes or other breaks during the presentation. A full plan will be released to all guests, sponsors and vendors if it is determined to be necessary.




Where The Proceeds Go

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All proceeds for the night will benefit Nina’s signature charity, The Greater Baton Rouge Food Bank, a 501(c)3 entity which has provided hunger relief for parishes in Louisiana since 1984. Nina has proudly served and donated to the organization for over 5 years.


The contribution will benefit families in 11 Parishes: Ascension, Assumption, East Baton Rouge, East Feliciana, Iberville, Livingston, Pointe Coupee, St. Helena, St. James, West Baton Rouge and West Feliciana.


The donated funds will go directly to these families by distribution through churches, meal sites, soup kitchens, shelters, group homes, emergency services, counseling, etc.

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Energetic and goofy, AOiscomedy will be the show Emcee for the night and no doubt will tell it like it is through impersonations with an animated twist.

Best known for his appearance on season 3, episode 3 of Hart of the City on Comedy Central, AO cites inspiration by Jaime Foxx and other notable legends.

Over the years, as he is now a father, his performance style has transitioned from wild personality to structured, balanced comedy.


When he is not performing, AO serves as an advocate for men's mental health in various ways.

Show Emcee
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Brittney Butler

Brittney Butler (formally known as Poetic Paige) finds herself on Cloud 37 when she's on stage. Her empowering poetry is delivers a message to all women that they are better than what they believe themselves to be and not confined or defined to one situation. Her poetry is sprung from personal experience and dives deep into relationship topics such as sex before marriage, specifically Breaking Soul Ties - unclean connections between you and other people that you can't overcome.

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Michael Haynes
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Michael is an anointed dance performer who has been bringing his talent to the stage since age 11. You can find him animated and full of laughs on You Tube in the Mike and Wanda Show.

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Asst. Creative Director


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Dutchis Runway is an NYC model and confidence coach for women and young girls around the world. With students as far as the UK, Brazil and Caribbean Islands, his focus on the polished delivery of professionalism, attitude and charisma is consistent.


As an entrepreneur educated at Grambling University and trained by the most prominent fashion houses, Dutchis made a successful pivot in business during the Pandemic of 2020 by offering confidence coaching online. Now 'School of Dutchis Runway & Model Training' is now available by tap on demand.

Creative Director

Tronecia Lockhart Mims

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Celebrity Makeup Artist Jessica Haynes leats the team of artists who will be creating the looks you see throughout the show. She is the owner of Makeup by Jess Cosmetics and part owner of Bad Boss Workout Gear. Jessica has been a professional makeup artist for over 10 years, in Baton Rouge, Louisiana where she services bridal clients, prom clients, celebrity clients and she teaches others how to apply makeup! Part of her work is coaching at risk teens from ages 13-18 to expose them to her world of style and experience a positive, amazing way to express creativity.

In the devastating onset of Covid-19, Jess was able to pivot her business to offer online makeup classes for everyday women, aspiring and professional makeup artists. Her best selling class is the Makeup by Jess 'Brows that Wow' virtual makeup class, where she demonstrates how to create the perfect, natural, long lasting eyebrow.

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Makeup Artistry
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A Grambling Alumni born and raised in Baton Rouge, NINA RO$$ is a seasoned fashion stylist who has emerged as an inspiring, spirituous voice that deserves to be recognized. Her brand makes a bold statement of self-expression through style, color and confidence regardless of ethnicity, height, weight or ability, which defies the limitations of beauty standards worldwide.


An event of this magnitude shows the tremendous heart she wears on her sleeve and accomplishes her sincere mission to celebrate the wonderful differences among women that shine a light on our unique cultures, values, creative talent along with all that represents the best of who Nina Ro$$ endeavors to represent!

“Diversity means revealing and sharing the best of who we truly are, not only in business, but in ethnicity, intelligence and a common humanity.” Describes Nina. “I want young girls to be excited and inspired as they see prominent women in business as vendors as well as confident models on the runway. “ - NINA RO$$

All About Nina
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April 17: Casting Call For Models

Early Bird Ticket Sales End on April 15


The Power of Women

Fashion Show 2021

February 27: Casting Call For Models

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